Sunday, June 23, 2013


For those who are wondering...
I had an MRI on my knee  on Thursday,
and the results weren't as cut and dry as I'd hoped.
My joints and ligaments are fine, which is good news,
'cause if this was arthritis, and I was in this much pain already? I was going to have to cut my leg off.

It looks like I may have a meniscus tear.
But there was no actual injury,
my pain is weird,
and my not-very-active lifestyle doesn't really support that.
So the Dr is still flummoxed.
He gave me a steroid shot in the knee as an experiment,
and we'll proceed depending on things go with that.
He said, "In the end, I think we'll find that it is a meniscus tear."
I, myself, am not so sure...

My pain has been pretty low - higher than I'd want to live forever with - but no where near excruciating.
But I also can't continue, long-term, the restful way I've been living the past few weeks,
although, I must say, having an excuse to avoid driving anywhere I don't have to go, has been kinda nice,
but I'm sure even that will get old before long ;-)
(I do have a trip to NWA next week, which I'm a tad nervous about
 as I haven't sat (much less been in the car, much less driving...)  for 1 1/2 hours straight since April.)

So. That's where we're at.
We really still don't know anything...

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  1. grrr! less pain is good! no answers is aggravating! I hope it just keeps getting better tho!!


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