Monday, August 12, 2013

Thursday thrifting

Mom and Bill were going to be keeping the kids for the weekend,
 but we wanted to do something fun with the kids before we took them to Gramma's house.
Bargains Galore on 64 (miles and miles of yard sales)
just happened to start on our anniversary,
so that's what we decided to do.

Brandon's haul. Too bad he doesn't like knives ;-)

We headed out around 8 in the morning
and didn't make it back home 'til 4,
although, some of the kids were done a few hours before that....

I'm pretty sure Lily got more than this...

We let each kid spend $5 (give or take. It's hard to keep track of that many people...)
Lexi was so careful to only buy what she really loved,
that she still has $2.25 left!

The tea set in Lily's picture was actually in a box of tea stuffs that Lexi bought  and then shared with her big sis.

I was pretty impressed with her.
Not many 4 year old could dig through a mountain of $.25 toys and not buy a single one,
because there wasn't one exactly like what she was looking for.
(What was rough, though, and not at all impressive, was when Lex' discovered that Lily had found (and purchased) 
exactly what she had been looking for.)

Josiah's treasures

Jeremiah spent his $5 on a single purchase,
but man, is he happy with it.

The guy had $6 on it.
Jeremiah asked if he'd come down to $4,
but he'd only take off one dollar.

In addition to all of his sale loot, Josiah spent some of his $5 buying cookies for everyone
when we stopped at Walmart to get some sustenance.

(Also at Walmart, Lexi picked out lemon cake. 
I was going to put it back, because we ended up choosing orange chicken and general tso's chicken from the deli 
which was more than plenty of flour for a non-wheat family.
I didn't even know about the cookies at that point...
Lex' saw me put it back and said,
"Why did you put that back? I picked that out for everyone because you love lemon cake."
Then her lip quivered and her eyes got watery looking...
Well, goodness! If it means all that much to the kid, I'd buy the lemon cake!
So I went back and grabbed it again,
at which point Lexi wiped her eys, smiled, and said, "I'm so kind!")

Tyler and I got several goodies too - many of which were on our things-to-buy list, so that's always nice.
I found an insulated pitcher that I almost didn't get
because I didn't need it,
but it was only 50 cents....
I am so glad I bought that thing ~ I have already enjoyed it
way more than 50 cents' worth!
We passed on a vintage wire basket for 10 bucks and I'm still kicking myself over that. 
Tyler offered to go back out on Friday, but I knew there was no way it'd still be there.

Speaking of need - Lexi doesn't necessarily need clothes, 
but it seems to be really important to her to have things bought just for her, and I try to oblige when I can,
so I was really tickled to find a $5 bag sale and lots of clothes in her size and style.

we also got a pair of pink sparkly shoes - which have already disappeared... and - since the clothes and shoes
didn't fill up my bag, they let me stick  3 pieces of fabric I'd found in it, too.

I do enjoy thrifting with the fam :-)


  1. What a haul! Thats a fine pile of loot for only 5.00 each!I am glad you got that pitcher, its very much you!! I haread the kids all had a blast with mom and bill! I hope you had a blast too! love you!!

    1. they're good shoppers :-) We did have a nice time (could have been longer, though) Love you so much!

  2. wow ! everyone did great on the thrift shopping spree! and each one's goodies look like it was just perfect for them! and it was super having the grandkids! They had a good time with cousins, too.
    pretty neat!
    Love to all

    1. I know! Pretty much anybody who knows them even a little bit could match up the kid to the pile, huh?! They all had a great time and I appreciated the break and time with Tyler SO much! I hope YOU've recovered from their & the cousins' good time ;-) Much love!!


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