Friday, August 23, 2013

five things on Friday


this makes me think of a bit of this post. and miss all of my big kids.

Today was a flex day for Tyler.
(which means he got to be home :-)

We're not real great at doing school when Daddy is home,
so this year,
I just scheduled every other Friday off.

Yesterday, Jeremiah and Josiah got a wild hair about building a fire and cooking lunch today.
They spent a good bit of time making lists,
setting aside groceries (including spices) and doing prep work
(like digging a hole in the sand pile for a fire and making lemonade. and lemonade icecubes...)

I'll be honest.
I wasn't overly excited about the whole thing.
I may have mentioned it before,
but when my kids cook - they kinda trash the place.

Jeremiah woke up early this morning 
and was too excited about making lunch to go back to sleep.
Fortunately, Tyler shared this with me in a timely manner, so I could adjust my attitude.


I sewed on Tuesday for the first time since I made my skirt a couple of weeks ago.
Matching pillowcases in the girls' favorite colors? I couldn't not make dresses!

(complete with tags :-)

Sewing / reading time is built into the school schedule.
Wasn't that smart of me?

We have had issues with our printer for quite some time.
It won't print from 'documents'.
We've managed to get around it by using notepad, or emailing ourselves
and printing that way.
A nuisance, to be sure,
but we have lots of nuisances in this house (not that this particular nuisome is the house's fault...)

Monday, I printed off the kids' handwriting sheets.
(this is what I've used for years)
Worked just fine Tuesday, too.
Wednesday, I just had the kids copy off of the ipad, 'cause I forgot to make them one and Brandon was on the computer.
(Interestingly, their handwriting is considerably neater with a printed copy for their reference)
Yesterday, it wouldn't print.
Said I didn't have a printer.
I installed it again, twice, but the computer still insists I have no printer.


Here's a little peek at my current (besides the 2 quilts...) project.

I wish you could feel this fabric.
Buttery soft.
I wasn't overly impressed with the black.
Unimpressed, actually.
But the red? Nice. Very nice!


(I finally got my rocks from Penny :-) aren't they cute?)

I went and messed with our perfectly delicious iced coffee.
I took it from a yummy and reasonably healthy treat
and tried to make it a power-packed snack by adding spinach, protein powder, and greek yogurt.
It's not bad,
but it doesn't feel like a treat anymore.
Not many people are dumb enough to mess with perfectly delicious iced coffee.
But then, 
I've never been one to follow the crowd...

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