Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WiP Wednesday, brought to you by the color red

Tyler's brother invited us to go to a Razorback game this Saturday.

Like last year, I'm not overly excited about it,
and was about to tell Tyler to just take Brandon (he doesn't get to go this year)
when he told me, "Mitch says Jennifer really wants you to come."

Well. Pooh. I guess I should go then.
And I did have a perfectly fine time last year...
(except, this year, we're spending the night and going to church with them.
Only an extrovert thinks it's fun to go to a church that isn't your home church)

Seeing as how this seems to be turning into an annual event,
I thought I should have a proper razorback shirt.
But since I'm not a sports fan, well, 
it seemed a little silly to splash an angry pig across my chest.
(plus, I had Brandon look online for a razorback I could use for reverse applique 
and I decided it was too tricky to accomplish in a week ;-)
A simple red and white shirt seemed appropriate.
And far more wearable for me.

I constructed the shirt by machine, but did all top-stitching by hand.
Lexi asked if I was going to add any decorate to it 
(meaning beads or glitz of some sort)
and since I'd already wondered the same thing myself, I thought a tube of white glass beads was in order.

When I'm not sewing
(or cooking or cleaning or schooling....)
I'm slowly working my way through Trim Healthy Mama.

I'd been reticent to buy this book.
For starters, it's thirty five dollars, which, in my book, is pretty expensive,
but a few weeks back, a friend posted something about THM on facebook
and I started poking around their facebook page
and got inspired by the daily weight loss testimonies.
I decided to fork over the money.

As you can see,
I've found a few things worth bookmarking ;-)

I'll tell you more about it later.
When I'm skinny...

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