Thursday, September 5, 2013

that and that, with crappy pictures

I finished my shirt.
And wore it to the game.
It was incredibly hot!
The game.
Not the shirt.

Long story short ~ TJ came down to stay with kids. Jeremiah, who was going to go with us,
decided he'd rather stay with T, so Josiah went with us.
(it was a tough decision; he wanted to stay w T, too, but the Razorback game won in the end)
We came back home after the game and slept in our own beds. 
And tended to our critters.
Then Sunday, all of us went to Mitch and Jennifer's for the day.
(but not to church with them)

Things have been busy.
so very busy.
Like, I should be doing something else right now.....
But I figured I would be in trouble soon if I didn't just stop and post.
It's been over a week.
The only reason I haven't gotten in trouble already for my negligence
Tyler has been busy, too.
I think he just  hasn't noticed.....

The kids do / say clever things all the time,
(such as: Lily wanted to attach the flag

to her pirate ship, but was having difficulty. 
Then she just cut down one of the flaps, giving her something to tie it to. 
(with pink ribbon, of course)

See? Clever.)
but before I get a chance to record them, I forget.

And we got a puppy.

Meet Jack

aka ~ pocket puppy

It takes a special kind of stupid
to get a puppy when you are finally able to sleep through the night (most nights) for the first time in years.
maybe it takes a special kind of puppy....
He really is a sweetie.


  1. That is one cute puppy. Grant keeps trying to convince me that we need a puppy and I keep refusing. I'm busy enough. But I could maybe.. possibly... be swayed by something as cute as Jack. Shhhhh. Don't tell.

  2. love the shirt, the pirate flag and the new puppy. so WHY did you get a new puppy and will he stay a pocket puppy? he is very cute! I cannot be persuaded just yet to get a pet tho it gets very tempting from time to time. feels selfish, but I just dont want the responsibility, and not as easy to pick up and go away n stuff....

    1. Weeelll ~ Tyler fell in love with the puppy. AND, a few weeks ago, Lexi had asked for a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas (I told her no way, they are ugly dogs! But I guess some chiuahuas are cute?) His (supposed) parents aren't much bigger than he is (I'm not convinced that that the daddy is the daddy though - I mean, really ~ he doesn't look like a chiuahua with those sweet floppy ears and the absence of bug eyes) but his paws say he's got some growing to do ~ prob'ly be smaller than Lola though...
      That is totally understandable! Even though we already had animals, he's going to throw a kink in things. We could leave Lola (and the rest of the critters) for 12 hours and she'd be okay. Sure won't be able to do that with Jack!
      Love you!!

  3. I thought hot meant outside, I like all the pics! I like the pirate ship! oh my goodness a puppy! It will be very loved. does not look like a Chihuahua at all? but it is little and cute, need a kitty, too? no, I didn't think so.
    thanks for taking the time to post!


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