Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We visited Central Christian Church 15 years and about a week ago.
I don't recall anything specific, only that we planned to go back.
So even though it wasn't our first visit, my first memory of Central
is Grandma Susie.

Brandon was born not long after that visit, and he was a bit of a fussy baby
(poor, poor sweet miserable thang!)
so it was a few months before I returned.
When I finally attempted church, we sat in the back, knowing I'd have to take him out,
most likely multiple times.
Grandma Susie, dressed in a black skirt, red (I think, won't swear to it though) blouse
and a very colorful stained-glass looking drapey jacket,
came and stood behind me
for a good portion of the sermon.
(pretty sure she was also wearing black pantyhose. and sandals ;-) But I won't swear to that, either.)

Brandon loved looking at that jacket.
And the whole family has loved 'Grandma' Susie
ever since.

Farewell, precious lady.
I'll miss your smile, and hearing your sweet voice telling me what a fine family I have.

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  1. awww...sweet story, I am sorry for your loss, but its heavens gain!


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