Sunday, September 15, 2013


Saturday, Josiah and the girls made instruments,
which they later played in their show.
(I can not even guess the number of such shows I have attended in my life ;-)

Jeremiah and I bought front row tickets for only one cent a piece!
(Dad and Brandon were gone, so they missed out)

The show consisted of a song sung by the entire group,
and then multiple solos.

There was a short intermission,
during which we had lunch,

and then the show resumed with more solos,

after which
the instruments were disassembled

and made into roads.


  1. sounds like it was a great show by some great kids and a great audience!

    love to all of you!
    Mom/ grandma

  2. your such a good mama!! and that Lily...feels like i am looking at you! spitting image I tell ya!!she is your mini me!

  3. yay!!! you fixed the comment thingy!!!


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