Sunday, September 22, 2013

smilin' sad

Ever notice how some of the things that make you cry
are the very things that make you smile?

Things like:

Bernie coming to visit.
(most days it just makes me smile ~ the days he wants to linger, and put his head in my lap make me cry too, though)

A happy memory of my girl.

A picture on facebook.

A random text.

Rubbing lotion on tired old feet.

Remembering Liberace, my sweet beautiful rooster (damn neighbor's dog!)

An 'I love you' at just the right time.

The news that Grandma Susie is with Jesus now.

or maybe it's just me...


  1. no, just hearts that are special like yours. tears and smiles all mixed together. pretty neat!

  2. smiling sad , I like that much better than bittersweet....this post made ME smile sad! love you sis!


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