Sunday, April 5, 2009

this and that

Life has been moving at warp speed lately
and I haven’t managed to record much of it.
A few weeks ago the guys built a real bridge.
Tyler thinks it’s romantic;
I think it’s functional.
But I did agree that if one had time to just be for awhile
it might could be romantic.
‘Might could be’
I actually read that recently
so I am not the only one
who uses such an improper phrase.
Lily had a birthday last week;
she is the most amazing two-year old.
One of the things she loves to do is dance,
so for one of her gifts
the boys and I dyed playsilks (with koolaid) for her to dance with.
It didn’t take long at all and they turned out beautifully.
I’ve been trying to think of some other little girl
that would need some of these so we could make them again.
So fun.
Tyler and the boys tripled the size of our ‘orchard’ yesterday.
I can hardly wait for all the yummy fruit!
While out there
they pulled off all the itty bitty baby pears.
Over 341 - from one tree.
I’m glad I didn’t have to do it;
I got a lump in my throat just looking at the pile.
Tyler said that
after looking at all that fruit
on that tiny tree
it wasn’t really all that hard to destroy it.

'When you enter the land and plant any kind of fruit tree,
regard its fruit as forbidden.
For three years you are to consider it forbidden; it must not be eaten.'
Isn’t it amazing that God even gives agrarian advice?!
I finished the girls’ Easter dresses.
All three of them!
Lana and I were looking at fabric Thursday.
We were talking about the girls’ dresses
and I told her I was wanting to make a 5 minute skirt for myself, also.
She said, “Do I get one, too?”
“Of course. You little Stinker!”
I was going to surprise her.
I’m glad I didn’t though, ‘cause she really wanted a dress instead.
I told her I only had time for a skirt
so she’d have to help me if I was making a whole dress.
She came Friday to cut out the pattern and the dress.
TJ came by for a few hours, too.
for a little while
it felt just like old times;
Lana and I making a huge mess creating something
(with me stopping often to nurse a baby…)
TJ taking care of some vehicle thing
and everyone else working and playing all around.
I miss old times.
Things won’t be slowing down any this week;
we’ve got church every single night.
Being someone who does not thrive on busyness
- especially when that busyness requires leaving the house -
I’ve not been real thrilled.
I am choosing to change my attitude.
I hope I can remember that come mid-week...

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  1. if you remember it for yourself (the attitude thing) be sure to give me a call and remind me.
    We have to be in branch every night this week except thursday.
    Monday - the guys who built the ascension contraption want to run though it several times with Luke. Tuesday, drama practice.
    Wednesday - dress rehearsal
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Easter program.

    making the dress with you was fun!
    Glad you got the other's finished!
    Call me up when it's a good time to finish the last seam and sew on the ruffle :) Unless after easter is better, it's certainly wearable as is.
    Thanks so much, it's such a pretty dress!
    Love you mom!!


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