Monday, April 28, 2014

it's a good life

It's not perfect, but it's good.

I was sick over the weekend, and still not quite up to par today,
but I knew I could handle ironing fabric.
I decided I'd take everything outside, and soak up some sun
and enjoy the breeze
while I was at it.

Jeremiah and Josiah were busy in the Study Shack.
(which hasn't been a 'study shack' in years, but a storage shed...)
"A little spring cleaning"
Josiah had told me.
But I figured there was more to it than that.
What kids decide to 'spring clean' a storage shed for no good reason?
It turned out 
they needed a clubhouse
and thought the SS would do nicely.
It will.

So I sprayed, and ironed, and sipped at my tea.
Texted my friend pictures when I came upon a fabric I especially loved.
And listened to my boys work well together - not a single cross word!

They unearthed a small doll house I'd set aside to sell at the Growing Kids Sale,
only I could never quite jump through all the hoops to partcipate.
So the girls laid out a checkered cloth on the front porch
and played
with their 'new' toy.

I am grateful for this quite life I lead.
Thankful that my husband works hard, and earns enough money that I can stay home.
It's not a ton,
but it's enough.
I'm thankful for days moments when there is no bickering,
only the sound of happy chatter,
diligent work,
and the wind in the trees.

It's a good life.

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