Wednesday, April 9, 2014

nearing the finish line

I'm not quite done with the quilting yet,
but I went ahead and attached the binding anyways.
This way, I've got my choice of injuries.
Do I want to cut up the pads of the first 2 fingers on my right hand
by stabbing them with the back of my needle?
Or would I rather scratch the thumb of my left hand all up
by nicking it with the point??
decisions, decisions.
(although, I actually didn't nick myself one time on the binding of the last quilt. hmmm)

I calculate I've got about 13 episodes of Leverage
until the quilting is finished
(all that's left is 3, plus a little bit of the 4th, corner stars)

and about 6 hours on the binding

Then, I can toss this baby in the wash!
I don't think I could ever enter a quilt into a show,
because by the time I finish, it's filthy.
(It is my understanding that quilt show quilts are unwashed, as they show off the quilting better if they aren't all crinkly)
This one is especially dirty! Bleh

and there's plenty more where that came from....
Plus, lots of spots of sewing machine grease where the quilt rubbed against
the needle bar whilst smashed into the too-small throat space while quilting.
I'm hoping to get it out with that Grandma's cleaner stuff - anybody used it?
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p.s. if you are wondering about Claire's quilt - Lynnet and I will be working on it Saturday :-)
It was a little ambitious to think we might get the top sewn last time we got together.....
Quite honestly, it's probably ambitious to think we might get it all sewn this time, even. But we'll do our best!


  1. what a work of art!! Its like you paint with fabric!! its your gift!! just wonderful!! you really should give yourself more credit!! xoxo

  2. Fantastic quilt! I am so impressed and in awe!

  3. OH wow! Beautiful! I admire those who can / choose to hand quilt. I do NOT have the patience for that - - - but it's just so pretty!

  4. What a beautiful heirloom for your children. I love the pick stitch, it really adds another dimension.

  5. I was asked who did mine and Tony's quilt. She was awed by it. :D This quilt is so unique, I love it! And I also agree with Terri, you should give yourself WAY more credit! Love you mamma!

  6. The only word I can think of for your incredibly beautiful quilt is....MAGNIFICENT. Wow...

  7. Your opening made me chuckle!!! Beautiful colors!

  8. The quilting looks beautiful! That quilt is going to be a treasure.

  9. Very very impressive. The top and hand quilting are stellar!

  10. I LOVE what you are doing here. The machine quilting to stabilise and then the multi coloured hand quilting to add more fun and texture. Very nice. Switching between your hand quilting and binding is a really smart move too!


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