Sunday, May 4, 2014


We up and decided Wednesday night
that we were going camping for the weekend.
And we were going to leave Thursday afternoon.
(I must admit - I wasn't overly agreeable to this plan. I wasn't sure we could pull it off.
We did, but it was pretty stressful.
But, come Friday morning, when we were already relaxing, I decided it was a good idea after all ;-)

Since we don't have any baby chicks at the moment,
and I am not currently dealing with any major pains - the kids were thrilled that I was able to go along, too.
(I was too, except for the sleeping part. That part sucks.)

We went to Springhill, since we needed to be close enough that I could come back home to take care of the animals twice a day.
We didn't get a real great spot Thursday night,
but they called us Friday morning and said a spot had opened up in the 'A' campground, right on the water,
and we were able to move to just about the exact spot that Tyler had wanted!
So we had a gorgeous view, and we could fish and kayak right there in our back yard.
(I kayaked for the first time. I wasn't impressed. The second time I went out I relaxed a little and it was much more enjoyable.)

Everyone (except me - I do not ride!) brought their bikes and did lots of riding.
(well, if you want to get technical - Tyler brought his unicycle, not his bike)
We bought Josiah a bike for his birthday, since his was constantly needing to be fixed, 
and we gave it to him before we left so he could bring it along.
He was pretty pleased with it. Said it was everything he wanted in a bike :-)
And my girls! They can ride so well!!
They really enjoyed having those smooth roads to ride on!
Brandon took along Ton's unicycle also, and  taught himself to ride it in record time.

Tyler's camping rule is that the kids can't ever be hungry.
And he likes to have all sorts of treats for them to choose from to keep their bellies full.
I did the shopping, 
and Tyler said he thought I bought more crap than even he would have.
I was just trying to keep the troops happy....
(but I'm about sick of my kids eating junk!  That's all I'm going to say about that.)

The daytime weather was absolutely perfect, but the nights could have been a little warmer.

All in all, it was a great camping trip,
probably the best we've ever had.

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  1. it does sound like a great camping trip for all! so glad for you !! sounded fun and restful!
    good job Loukotas!


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