Thursday, May 8, 2014

More than one way to ride a zip line

Last Wednesday,
when I was heading out to go to NWA to do some shopping and visit my Gramma,
I stuck the keys to the Previa on the desk.
Brandon doesn't have his license yet, but I figured, in the event of an emergency, he could drive to the hospital...

The kids were all playing outside, 
so I walked to the LEM, to holler that bit of news to him out the window.

When I got the the window,
I saw the kids all gathered around the zipline,
Brandon with a huge grin on his face
and a bicycle attached to the zipline.
I ran for the camera
but when I got back,
all that was left on the zipline - was the seat.
They were all still smiling, so I just watched.

Next, they attached a trash can
and put Josiah in it.

I snapped a picture
and hollered out,
"Um. I'm leaving. Keys to the Previa are on the desk,
you know,
in the event of an emergency..."

(no keys were needed.)

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