Thursday, May 15, 2014

kid speak

Lexi told me this morning that she'd cleaned the toilet.
(And decorated it.)
She'd also wiped off the mirrors and the counter.

"I hope you cleaned the toilet last?" I said it as a question.
The look on her face answered for her loud and clear,
but she quickly recovered with,
"I didn't know I needed to. But I used soap!"

So we had a little lesson.
And I praised her efforts and initiative (before I re-cleaned the mirror and the counter)

(she didn't clean IN the toilet. just to clarify.)


Lily was bit by something several days ago.
Her shoulder/arm swelled up horribly and has been quite painful.
We've been putting a 'drawing paste' on it several times a day to help draw out the poison/venom/whatever you want to call it
and it's doing much better.
Brandon asked her this morning, "On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being only hurts a little bit)
how does your shoulder feel?"
(we've asked this a lot the past few days.)
She answered, "Zero point 8."
"So long as that is less than 1."


Jeremiah got into some trouble and Momma was dealing very sternly with him.
(It was one of those infractions that we have absolute no tolerance for.)

Tyler's brother was coming to FSM
and we assumed he'd come to the house at some point,
but since I wasn't positive that he would, I didn't want the kids disappointed if he didn't,
so said, 
"It's possible he might not even be coming here."
When somebody asked what time Uncle Mitch would arrive.

Lexi immediately got concerned.
 "Coming where?" she asked.
"Here. Our house." Brandon told her.

Then she really got upset.

She thought I was talking about Jeremiah, not Uncle Mitch.

She thought it was possible that Jeremiah wouldn't be living here with us any more.


Lily took a pretend picture of me with her tiny lego camera.
"Don't worry, Mom; I didn't get your double chin in it."


(To be fair, she also tells me she can really tell all that working out is working.)


Lexi said she likes sleeping in my bed, because it 'smells like momma'.
"It smells nice?" I asked.
It smells like you."

(She said if very affectionately though ;-)

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  1. love those kids!! I am sooo glad Lily's arm is better, what a smarty she is...0.8!! and Lex, lol!!!xoxo!!!


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