Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 wk fitness update, 2 days late

I don't know if anybody noticed or not
(I'm thinking not...)
but I didn't post a 4 week update
4 weeks ago.

Here's that update: 
I took a few days off to have a pity party, then I got right back to my exercise-every-day-except-Sunday routine
and ate carefully 95% of the time.

I lost the 2.2 lbs I'd gained in the previous 4 weeks, plus another .2 lbs.
Hardly worth mentioning.

And now this update:
I continued to exercise every day except Sunday, increasing the duration of my workouts, 
and eat well 95% of the time.

I gained back the 2.4 lbs.
And another .6.

The tape measure doesn't offer any encouragement, either.

I am unspeakably sad and frustrated,
 and frankly,

I work so hard. 
So diligently.

I'm shocked when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror;
for all of my efforts,
I should be thin.
And firm.
But like Mulan, all I see,
is me.


  1. I don't look in the mirror. I do look at the scale, though it isn't very nice to me. but you work soo hard at it, bless your heart! keep at it you have to be healthier for it. Lord give her wisdom in this!
    love you and a big hug!

  2. :( love you sis!! You are beautiful to me!!!


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