Friday, June 13, 2014

learning to sew

Lori, from The Inbox Jaunt (who shares fantastic FMQ tutorials every Tuesday) posed the question today,
"Who taught you to sew?" 
I thought I'd answer it here...

My mom may remember teaching me (Mom??)
but I don't remember actually learning to sew,
I only remember sewing.

The first thing I can recall making 
is the rosebud rice bags for our wedding.
But the fact that I made rosebud rice bags for our wedding
leads me to believe that I must have sewn before (?)
But then again, it could have just been that overconfidence thing.

Regardless of when / how I originally learned to sew,
sewing, and learning to sew better
and faster,
has been, for the past 27 years, and will continue to be, a lifelong pursuit
and a source of great joy for me.
I love taking a rectangle of fabric, and turning it into something useful.
I love improving my skills.
And having quality tools (oh how I wish my Janome was in peak form still) and fabulous thread.
I love the feel of quality fabric under my fingers.
I love wearing something I've made,
that doesn't look like I made it.
even if I don't so much love the ironing.

I'm grateful that Tyler is not only tolerant of my sewing,
he encourages it.
(Thanks, Love!)

Here's to continuing learning to sew
for many years to come :-)


  1. I really do not know about sewing? I usually had you guys learn what you needed to as you grew up or that needed to be done, like, dishes, laundry, ironing, weeding, ect, ect. I did more sewing up north than did in AR. did mending more in AR and even saved that up for Grandma Joyce to do when she came down to visit. It is very likely more just basics re how to use sewing machine was in there same as everything else. It was not a specialty of mine. you are more self taught with that!! and your love of sewing is not from me. I just struggled through to the finished product and was glad it looked half way decent. you get all the credit for your wonderful and awesome sewing gifts and talents!!! Jesus may well have something to do with it, too, as it is so from your heart for others!!
    Bless you child!

  2. I'm glad I wasn't forgetting anything momentous :-)
    Too bad Gramma can't still do the mending!!I really don't like THAT kind of sewing.
    Well, I'm very glad you struggled through to finish Johnny :-)
    (I admit that my love of sewing has grown tremendously as my abilities have increased.... )
    I love you, Mom!!

  3. Johnny was real good both times and I don't remember that being hard except for taking all the hair out in the rebirth. that was tedious but he did turn out great again!! so glad he did!! your tears were the precious part!!
    Love you!


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