Friday, June 6, 2014

just life

I do believe this has been my longest time 
away from this space.
T called yesterday, concerned,
so I figured it was time to pop in.

Life is moving along at warp speed,
and dragging me along with it.
I've done very little sewing since I last posted;
3 more red blocks,
zero swimsuits (Poor Lily!!)
and a few stars
is all I've managed.
(still trying to find the perfect thread for me for EPP. I may have to break down and order from London. but yikes!)
I am positively the worst chicken farmer in the history of chicken farmers.
We hatched out 26 chicks.
We bought 12 more for variety.
We currently have 16 chicks (and one of those is not looking terribly robust) 15 chicks.
I'm not sure I'm cut out for this.
If I didn't love looking out my windows and seeing my chickens so very much, I'd give up.
We had a couple of weeks that were extra busy and we were around other people every single day.
Wore. me. out.
They were (almost) all people I absolutely love.
Some of my very favorite people, even, 
but it was just too much.

I still haven't recovered.
Since we are doing a year-round schedule this year, we still have 5 weeks of school.
But you know what?
We are right on target!
I think that's a first.
Lexi thinks I need to dye her eyebrows.

She is a nut.
Brandon is at Camp Joshua as a Counselor In Training (CIT).
It feels so weird to have him gone.

Jeremiah and Josiah will be going to camp, too, next week.
That will really feel weird!

Wednesday is my week with Gramma Joyce,
so I think the girls and I will just head to NWA early 
and make a day of it.

Which means Tyler will be home in the evening all by himself.
Which, I imagine, will feel weirder still.
He says he will sleep.
Today is National Donut Day,
so after we dropped Brandon off at the church to head to camp,
we went to the Donut Palace (happy to support the 'little guys'!) 
and then to Carol Ann Cross park for an hour.

We started in on math as soon as we got back home.
Jeremiah said he didn't feel good.
I'm not sure if it was the sugar or the fractions.
I gave him a pass regardless.

I finished my coffee without realizing it 
while typing this up.
I went to take a drink and it was gone.
Not a drop left.

I think I'll make another cup.

Too bad I already ate my donuts....


  1. From Uncle Guy

    wow that was a long time without you Sweetheart

    Post more often Please

    Even 2 or three words

    I pray for you ALWAYS

  2. yes that was a long time! I was beginning to think my computer was not updating. hope you are recovering some. the boys will love camp I bet! thanks for all the update!
    love blessings to all wherever they are,

  3. well there you are!! let me know when you are recovered, I still need to come for a visit!! love you all!!

  4. Uncle Guy ~ you are too sweet :-) Love you!! (Gramma says you are coming the 28th??)
    Nope, Mom - just me ;-)
    You most definitely need to come visit, Ter! It has been waay too long!


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