Wednesday, October 1, 2014

pigeon at the wheel?

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is a fun little book by Mo Willems.
It begins with the bus-driver telling you, the reader, not to let the pigeon drive the bus.
Kids will identify with some of the many ways the pigeon tries to talk you into letting him drive the bus.
It's worth checking out from your library,
but unless you buy it from a yard sale, like I did, I don't know that its really worth owning (Sorry, Mo)
This quilt, however, is worth owning, I think, even if you don't know the story.
(most of which you will find on the back of the quilt, actually :-)

Made from all organic fabrics (with the exception on the appliqued pigeons)
and machine pieced with Aurifil thread,
the washed and tumbled dry quilt measures 39 1/2  x 51 inches.

It's filled with one layer of warm and white batting
and carefully quilted by machine with a light tan Aurifil 50 wt thread (#2310)
with two intersecting lines of hand-quilting thrown in,
just because :-)
For the hand-quilting, I used black button & craft thread instead of my usual size 8 perle cotton;
the lack of luster in the thread went well with the typeface used in the fabric, I thought.

I machine sewed the binding on,
then hand-stitched it down on the back.
I tried a variety of threads for that task, but settled on using Gutermann sew-all.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this little quilt.
(and those pigeons just make me smile :-)

Don't Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus (the quilt...) (which I also talked about here) is available for sale for $175.
100% of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of a sewing machine for Rahab's Rope and the women they rescue,
so - if you buy this quilt, you're not only getting a truly one-of-a-kind quilt,
you're also getting to help changes lives!

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  1. How much, Tracy??? This is such an awesome ministry!!!

    By the way, I used to be Amanda Cash, Alicia's BFF from high school.

  2. Well, hey Amanda! How are you?? Congrats on the newest blessing :-) (and the other 6, too ;-)

    $175 - guess I should add that, huh?

  3. I've never seen this fabric before and my girls love the Pigeon books! Great quilt for a great cause! :)

  4. did you pick out Tyler's shirt to wear to model the quilt? it matches well! he looks great with the quilt! great selling technique! he adds a nice touch to the already awesomely cute quilt! super job Tracy and the blessings that will go with it and the sewing machine! I'm excited about it all!
    love, mom

  5. Nope, Mom, that was serendipitous :-)
    We took those pictures on my birthday, and he'd picked it to wear because I like it on him :-)

    Love you!!


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