Thursday, October 30, 2014

what's up

I made make-up a couple of weeks ago.
It's crazy inexpensive compared to $20 for 1/4 of an ounce of Bare Minerals foundation, which is what I usually used to buy.
I still need to work on my formula a bit,
my color isn't quite right (although I'm rapidly losing my tan, so maybe I ought to just leave the color alone) 
and I'd prefer a little more coverage.
Necessary tweaks aside, I'm thrilled with it.


I'm nearly positive there's something wrong with my camera.
I haven't been happy with my pictures for quite some time, and I've just assumed it's my lack of skill,
but I think there is something wrong with the focusing.
When Melissa took pictures of the girls' baptisms Sunday (Thank-you!!! :-) she agreed that it seemed off.


I finally started letting my chickens out again.
I hate keeping them locked in the coop.
What's the point??

We've lost 2 already.
Of course, I cried,
and told Tyler I'm done.

But of course, I'm not really done. 


I leave for California the day after tomorrow.
I can hardly wait!!!!
I'm mostly packed already.
I still haven't figured out what to take as my 'personal bag'
and I also haven't settled on my sewing project.
My EPP would be a logical choice, since it's so small, 
but my fingers/hands can handle more quilting than EPP sewing.
I had decided I would take Any Which Way
(Oh goodness, I have a confession to make on that one - but it'll have to wait)
but it's awfully big for an airplane.
So - I don't know...

I've been ordering birthday presents. 
(Ton's birthday was in September, but he was in the field and couldn't get mail,
so we were going to send gifts when he got home, so Kacy wouldn't have to trip over them for a month. 
Then we decided I'd just bring a party when I went :-)
I've also been ordering 'Momma's coming to visit for the first time' presents :-)
I've had everything shipped there
and have given (repeated ;-) strict instructions for No Peeking!

It's all very exciting.


The kids have TKD testing Saturday.
Fortunately, my flight isn't until 2:30
so I'll get to watch them before I go.
Josiah will be testing (again) for his black belt,
so there's some anxiousness surrounding testing, to be sure!
TJ is going to come down to watch,
and Josiah has already requested that he be a board-holder.
Maybe having two of his big bubs right there with him will help?
The boy has skill, I can tell you that.


I found this when I was just finishing up paying the bills:

Thanks, Jeremiah ~ You make Momma smile!

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  1. you have some real pretty chickens there sis!! and I can't wait to see pictures and hear tales of your trip!!!!! so excited for you!! and Jeremiah, I will take some of that money if your making it too!!! lol! xoxo hugs to all!


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