Monday, October 13, 2014


It's my fault;
I did complain about lame weekends, after all,
but my goodness, this weekend was full!
Maybe a happy medium next weekend??

The game.
It wasn't quite as bad as I anticipated.
(which is often the case - so my method of totally dreading things really works in my favor 
and shouldn't be called 'pessimistic' ;-)

It did rain,
but it wasn't freezing, and with my plastic bag with a hood, I stayed somewhat dry.
Plus, I got a sweet white jacket out of the deal.
(Apparently, they sometimes tell you what color to wear based on where you are sitting.)
Now, I don't ordinarily wear white,
and told Tyler I'd never wear the jacket again,
but he seems to think it looks pretty great on me :-)
so I may have to change my mind about that.

I was pretty worn out from being gone from home over 10 hours
and hanging around 70,000 screaming people for several hours,
(half of them drunk...)
watching a game that I can not for the life of me understand
(yet another reason basketball is a better sport)
and seriously considered staying home from church
when my hair was still wet
at the time I normally would already have it completely fixed.
I sent Tyler a text that it wasn't looking too good...
But I remembered that I thought maybe Braxton was preaching,
and I really wanted to hear him, since I somehow have missed half of his sermons,
so I rallied,
and settled on smoothing my hair into a high ponytail after mostly blowing it dry,
and made it out the door *just* in time.

Right before walking out the door, I remembered that it was the final day of the Parade of Homes,
which we really needed to go to this year
to help with some window decisions,
so grabbed a pair of boots that were more comfortable for walking hours in than the ones I was wearing.

Before we could go anywhere, we had to stop at the mall and buy Lexi a pair of shoes
because the pair she was wearing had worn to church but could no longer wear was hurting her toes.
We also bought Lily a few pairs 
as most of her shoes are to small,
and looked for jeans for the boys.

Since we used our eating lunch time
we just stopped in at the Neighborhood Market
and grabbed a few things to make a picnic lunch
and ate in the van by the waterfall behind the shopping center.

Then we spent a few hours touring houses.
Apparently the big thing this year is using as many materials in your kitchen as possible.
and tiny brightly colored glass tiles.
We suspect that those houses are going to look dated soon.
And of course, had the 'hand-scraped' flooring, 
which I really am not a fan of.
It just looks so mechanically-made, to me.
Imagine that.

There was a 'singing' at church at 5:30 that Tyler wanted to go to,
so we ended up just spending the whole afternoon (and evening) in town.
We had a popcorn dinner with Psych
and then Tyler and Brandon and I watched an episode of Royal Pains
and the whirlwind weekend
was over.

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