Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I was thinking this morning about Kathy, and all the women who went to QuiltCon,
and wondered if they settled back into life yet.
I still don't feel like I've fully recovered from all of the wedding hoopla.
(I mentioned we'd decorated, but I failed to tell you that we spent two entire days
to do it.
(not counting prep work and my guys making an 8ft pillar)
I was so proud of my gang!
And when I was starting to fall apart
because nothing was looking like I envisioned,
(and it was taking twice as long as I'd anticipated. ahem)
Brandon said, "You can't judge until it's finished.
And when it's finished, if you don't like it,
we'll just add more - because it wasn't really finished yet."

Which, really, is great wisdom for life in general, don't you think?
We left off with Ties That Bind in one of those 'not really finished yet' states
(even though I'd make it according to my plan)
and instead of making the additional dresden plates and
finishing it (for real)
But once I got that out of the way,
I dove right back into my fiddly dresden making.
(the smaller the plate, the more trouble it gave me.
And the fewer blades it took (?!) One only used 13! What. The. Heck?!)

forgive the crappy phone pictures. again....

I got the top finished on Monday of last week,
two days ahead of my projected date :-)
and Tuesday,
I got started on the back.
I really didn't want to piece a back
and almost ordered widescreen in black for it,
But then I thought, 
I already have all these fabrics left over,
I really should use them up.
I don't know why I have such a hard time using all of the fabric I bought for a project.
I just want to keep all the fabrics.

Most of my leftovers were roughly fat quarter-sized
and I just pieced 18"-27" rows about 87 inches long
until I had enough to equal about 100 inches,
then sewed my rows together
and finished the back on Monday.

Tyler met me at the church yesterday while the kids were at TKD
and we got it basted.
Took the entire can of spray.
I was praying that God would make it last, and it did.
(There's not much spray on the last half of the top section.
Tyler said, "You'll just have to quilt it gingerly.
I was like, "Baby. 
There is no quilting a queen size quilt on a small domestic machine

I am so pleased with it so far,
but I'm always a bit nervous at this stage.
Right now, I've got a perfectly lovely (though not yet held together..) quilt,
what if I ruin it with my quilting???
I was much more confident quilting on my Janome.
She was such a good friend machine!

I won't get to start on it today - today, I am helping out my friend Hannah,
she's got a prom dress (with sequins) that needs to be taken in a bit.
But tomorrow?
I quilt.

these colors are much more accurate!

Linking up with the inspired, (and inspiring) exhilarated, exhausted QuiltCon attendee (and teacher) Lee.

p.s - all the wedding decor ended up looking exactly as I'd pictured in my head.
Maybe even better :-)


  1. Oh, goodness! Your B&W Dresdens are just stunning! I always love the beauty of a B&W quilt. This is no exception!

  2. The finish on this is going to be great! Did you hand applique your Dresdens in place?

  3. I'm in love with your quilt! It's quite the stunner in black and white with the different sized dresdens. I just signed up to follow you so I can see the finish and hear more about your lovely family!

  4. How awesome to have helpers with basting! You are so right--there is no handling a queen size quilt gingerly on a domestic machine, haha. Hopefully it will all hold together and quilt out smoothly!

  5. Ahahahaha there really is no quilting a queen size quilt gingerly! That sounds exactly like something my boyfriend would say, and exactly like what I would want to say back to him!! :)

  6. oh sister, I just did a crash course in catching up on your blog, I have been sooo busy!! as usual, everything is gorgeous, all the quilts, the pink one is super cute, the wedding was beautiful, good job on everything!! You have been busy too I see!! I love you bunches!!


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