Friday, February 13, 2015

pink parade, a finished (and SOLD :-) quilt

 I gotta tell you - I am just so tickled!

and threw it in the washer this morning at 10:25.
Brandon and Jeremiah snapped a few photos when it came out of the dryer
(thanks, guys!!)
and we delivered it at 1:00 this afternoon.

I am 
so excited to be able to give Rahab's Rope a sewing machine for Valentine's Day!!
(ok, so technically, I didn't earn enough to buy one,
but I have another small sewing job coming up 
where I'll earn the rest of the money, so I'm calling it a win
and giving one anyways :-)

I free motion quilted a loop de loop
in white Aurifil with light grey Bottom Line in the bobbin.
I really wanted to use pink thread,
but my machine was not liking it.
I'd sew for 3 minutes, and seam rip for 10.
After and hour of that, I said forget it,
switched threads,
and everything went swimmingly from then on.

I added 'Jesus loves you' as requested,

I had planned on using pink thread when I determined where I was going to put it
(I always like to have these things in my head when I get started)
and I didn't think to change plans after I changed threads.
I thought it might not show up well enough,
so I added a second 'Jesus loves you' on the California Dreamin' fabric
for good measure.

I'd planned to sew the binding to the back by machine,
but once again,
I misjudged my seam allowance when I sewed the binding on,
and had to sew it down by hand.

Which, of course is my preferred method

plus - it gives me more time to enjoy my fantastic corners ;-)

but, of course, adds quite a few hours (that I didn't charge for) to the making of the quilt...

Even still ~ I made a quilt in less than 3 days!! :-)

we did (some) school
and nobody went hungry.
We exercised,
and I even showered twice....


  1. I too love making those perfect corners in the binding by hand - that and the whole quilt look great.

  2. Not surprised it sold. Beautiful quilt. Congrats.

  3. Beautiful quilt, my favorite part is the "Jesus loves you" in the quilting!

  4. Beautiful colors and quilt and love the kids with the balloons at the bottom!

  5. It turned out SO cute and those corners are pretty snappy! Another machine for Rahab's Rioe - yay!!! I love all the disclaimers about getting the quilt done on three days. I can only dream about that. :)


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