Wednesday, February 11, 2015

a pretty pink party

I was all set to get the Ties That Bind top finished today.
I'd gotten 3 of the 4 remaining dresdens made,
and the center circle appliqued on 
to the one that wasn't double bladed.

Right on track, I tell ya.

Then, I got a text from somebody wanting to know if I had a baby boy and a baby girl quilt ready to sell.
but no quilt for a baby girl.

I responded with a photo of the pigeon quilt and a link to my post,
and said that,
while I didn't have a girl one just yet,
I had one in my head
had fabrics for it already,
so it was practically as good as done.

these colors are more accurate

I dug through my fabrics,
made a stack,
replaced a few fabrics
and started cutting.
(I didn't even starch and press first. gasp.)

love it when things match up like that :-)

Not counting the gathering of fabrics,
I've invested 365 minutes
and I've got a quilt top :-)

the little footprints - ahhh - so cute!

She may not end up wanting to buy this quilt,
but I'm enjoying the challenge of putting it together quickly,
And if she doesn't - hey, I've got one ready for next time somebody asks :-)

Linking up with Lee.
Now I'm off to make the back...

(this is not my own original design - I saw a similar quilt (most likely through WiPW ;-)
I didn't pin it, so I don't remember where I saw it, but I did leave a comment.
If it was yours, let me know, so I can link to your post :-)

(here are some photos of the finished quilt :-)


  1. Really, really cute! Love how you integrated the bottom piece.

  2. Very sweet! I love it! (visiting from WIP Wednesday)

  3. What a fun quilt! I love the little parade across the bottom. Reminds me of illustrations from old story books. Sweet and nostalgic. :-)


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