Monday, February 16, 2015

looky here

is a beautiful video of SarahBeth's wedding day.
Take a look ~ pretty sure it'll make you smile :-)

(If you happen to notice any reception decor (or lights) - that was our contribution to the festivities :-)
And if you look closely, you'll see Josiah, Brandon, and the girls.

speaking of the girls,
here's a picture that the photographer posted on FB

Awfully precious, I think!!

And hey - aren't those skirts something?!

I'm just sayin'... ;-)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! The girls AND the skirts. :) I'm totally loving their hair. Two of my girls will be flower girls for my brother Joseph's wedding in June (I ordered their dresses off Etsy...not a seamstress here!) and I have no idea how to fix their hair. Any tips?

  2. That's the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen! It really captured the essence of the day. Wow! The lights and the skirts are totally spectacular, of course. :-) Well done.

  3. Yes they ARE something! so pretty!

  4. Your girls do look just darling!!! Well done, mama!


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