Wednesday, January 28, 2015

what a lot of works

I have been busy.
Not necessarily overly productive, mind you,
but that's not for lack of trying.

First - the flower girl skirts.
The bride wanted tulle skirts to match the bridesmaid's dresses.
The bridesmaids dresses are dark navy.
Not navy, mind you - super dark navy.
The problem with that, 
was that I could not find any dark navy tulle in Fort Smith.
So then, I scoured Hancocks for anything that might work.
I touched every single darkish blue fabric in the store,
excepting denim and quilting cottons.

I didn't feel good about it
(that should have been a clue to me!)
but I ended up going home with 2 yds (all that they had) of a dark navy nylon mesh chiffon, 
and 1 7/8 yds of a slippery dark navy something or other
(again, all that they had).
Because that wasn't going to be flouffy at all,
I stopped by Hobby Lobby and got 4 yds (not nearly enough!) of what they called navy tulle.
I figured between the layers, the off color would be okay...

I'll spare you my horror stories of cutting and handling the mash-up of fabrics. 
We'll leave it at
there were multiple texts sent regarding my supreme distaste for tulle.

My heart just sank, the more I worked on the skirts.
They were just horrible.
School uniform was not the look I was going for,
and yet somehow, 
that's what I had.

After some tears, 
and texts with the bride,
we decided white would be just lovely.
And I was so relieved!!
Never mind that I was going to have to work with damn tulle all over again.
I felt sooo much better about the choice,
and instead of trying for a more elegant circle skirt silhouette
I went all out pouffy.
(used 10 yds per knee-length skirt!)
Pinning the tulle to my cardboard cutting board made it much less annoying to work with
and each skirt only took about an hour.
I still need to add snaps to the waist, but that will only take a few minutes.

While wasting time and money buying the dark navy fabrics,
I also grabbed some fabric for a dress for me.
All that fabulous fabric from LA, and I had nothing that would work.
That's not entirely true.
I have a few fabrics that would work splendidly,
but what I have in mind for them 
wouldn't necessarily work for a dress for the wedding.

I cut out a trusty Lady Skater dress on Monday,
(love that pattern! 
I can't believe the only thing I've posted that used it was this shirt.
Oh, and this top, too.)
and sewed it up yesterday evening 
after the gang left for TKD.
I lined it
(using black swimsuit fabric I bought in LA :-)
 and made the skirt a little more twirly by measuring out 2 inches from the hem
and drawing a line from the waist to my mark.
Without my mentioning it,
when I tried it on for him, Tyler said it swirled nicely,
so I guess it worked.

I'm hand-sewing rayon seam binding to the hem.
The fabric is a 2 layer stretch 
and the outer layer is kind of netting-ish and is therefore a little 'grabby'.
I'm hoping that by enclosing all of the raw edges in the seam binding
I'll eliminate the the velcro-like grabbiness 
and not end up flashing anybody.

see what I mean? velcro like grabbiness!

(I have a way with sewing terminology, huh? ;-)

Let's see what else?
Ties That Bind.
(previously known as the black and white quilt).

please excuse the horrible photo - it was only taken to confirm my suspicions.
This thing is huge and heavy!
I thought I had a finished quilt top.
According to my design, when I finished sewing all of my background pieces together,
I should have had a finished quilt top.
What looks fine on paper
doesn't always work out so great queen-sized....

I think I need to add about 4 smaller dresden plates.
So - maybe 10 more hours.
Then I'll have a finished quilt top.


It's been awhile since I've mentioned my EPP project.
I still quietly work away at it when we watch a Netflix show
when I have no other hand-sewing
and I've got 7 more hexagons completed.

I've not improved my time any.
I actually think I may even take a little longer per side
than I used to.

Bill said, "You think you should improve in both speed and quality?!"
I had hoped to.
I guess I will have to settle for improved quality (for now).

The next thing I have to work on is finding shoes.
Shoes (that aren't sandals, it's winter after all) that will make my legs look good,
- okay, decent, at least -
but also be comfortable enough to run around in most of the day,
and dance in.
With my twirly dress. 

Linking up with Lee
and Amanda Jean, although, what I have are a bunch of almost finishes....


  1. Love those hexies! And I'm thinking that my daughter would LOVE that dark navy tulle skirt- if the teachers didn't look too closely, she COULD get away with it as part of her uniform. And tulle fits her personality so much better than chino!

  2. You have a lovely blog with softly written stories of life. So enjoyable to read. :-)

  3. I'm constantly working on something but never too productive, especially on finishing anything.
    I like your stars but I doubt I ever do any English paper piecing past the hexagons.

  4. That ladyskater is so cute! Fun binding on it. Glad the skirt issue was able to resolved!

  5. You have certainly been busy. Nice to see the quilting progress, no matter how fast or slow.

  6. You have been super busy!!! Oh, darn tulle. :( But I hope you didn't ditch the fancy school uniforms because even if they don't work for the wedding I think they look nice in their own right. Really, I do! I'm actually partial to the preppy school uniform look. And that lovely dress dmforbyoubisbanuthing but school girl! Nice one.

    I don't remember knowing you did epp! How fun. Mine is still eons from being done. Maybe by the time my baby gets married it'll be a quilt I cam gift for her wedding. Lol.

    For what it's worth, I think the b&w quilt looks great as is! But it's not mine and I know you have a vision for it. Good luck finding that 10 hours. :)


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