Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a dress and dresdens

I didn't get the flower girl skirts made yet.
Had a bit of trouble at the fabric store.
I have stuff now, 
that I hope will work
and hey, 
- look -
I made a dress.

I did it exactly like this one,
except we skipped the whole maxi-dress-attempt part
(the 'birthday girl' was already on the shirt :-)
and I did the fancy ribbon hem treatment.
Which was supposed to be super fast.
Except that when I saw the sprinkles on the ribbon I thought,
'oooh - hand stitching would look so cute on that!'

Why do I do this to myself?!
Both girls squealed at the cuteness, so I guess it was worth it.
And really, it was still a fast make.


The B&W (which is in desperate need of a real name) is progressing
at a decent clip.
I actually only have one more plate to make
that is,
 I decide I need a few smaller plates to go in the center of some of the larger ones;
I miscalculated the size of my inner circles,
and some are huge.
We'll see...

do not adjust your eyes - this is a color photo :-) 

I am nearly positive that my 18 degree wedge ruler is not exactly 18 degrees,
Which sounds crazy, I know, but here's the thing:

sewn with an exact (not scant) 1/4 in seam, 
the outer circle of my plates lay nice and flat,
while the center is ripply

and only lies flat after I've added angled seams on the lower portions of several of the blades.

I thought maybe it was because of the double points,
but no - same thing when I left the narrow portion of the blades un-sewn.
So all I can figure
is - the angle is off.
Unless anybody has another idea??

I'm linking up with Lee. again :-)
and this week, 
I'm definitely getting those skirts made up!

eta: I'm also linking up with Amanda Jean :-)
and I've got that final dresden plate finished!


  1. The hem and trim on that dress is just too cute. I can thoroughly understand it calling for squeals of delight! I have never imagined Dresden plate in black and white. It is very creative and striking.

  2. i love the black and white Dresden's - I have never seen them monochromatic and they look fantastic!

  3. The birthday girl looks so sweet in her birthday dress. I like your dresdens too. Much keep watching to see the finished product. Visiting from FIUF.

  4. Love that birthday dress and your black and white Dresden. I have the same problem with the Dresden 'blades' at the centre - perhaps that's there is a circle of fabric at the centre to cover them, lol. I have trouble with making my circles look like circles when I sew them so I've started using small doilies or round motifs cut from a vintage table cloth for the centre.

  5. Black and white is always smart, and your dresden plates are lovely.

    Just love the pretty birthday dress, and the cute smile on the birthday girl.


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