Monday, January 26, 2015

super sale

When I saw this e-book bundle, I wasn't overly interested.
$35 is a lot of money for a bunch of electronic books I'll likely never get around to reading.

But then, today, I saw a post about it again,
ans noticed that one of the books I've had pinned
and looked at numerous times,
but just couldn't quite talk myself into buying because of the $25 price tag
was included in the bundle

Mail Downloads-002

And so is this book, which I've eyed off and on over the years.

Then, when I saw that a bonus gift
of a free Craftsy class (up to $71!!)
was part of the bundle, 
and I remembered I haven't yet spent my birthday money from my mom,
well, it was a no-brainer.
I bought it.

I share it here today, 
because if there are some books in the DIY bundle that you've been wanting,
and you have $35 to spend, too,
well, you might just want to buy a bundle for yourself.
The sale ends at midnight, though.

(please, please, please, don't buy the bundle just because I mentioned it!
I almost didn't, 
because I'd hate for somebody to spend money that they really didn't have to spend
at my suggestion,
at the same time, 
if you've had a few of these books and a craftsy class (or three or four...) on your wish list,
and money in the budget for it,
well, you might just be tickled pink to know about the bundle.
So now you know.....)

Happy Birthday to me!
Thanks, Mom and Bill and Gramma :-)

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