Monday, January 5, 2015

God's timing

I have so many things to post about
(that may - or may not - ever happen..)
but rather than trying to recap the past 3 weeks (!)
I'll just jump in to yesterday:

The super secret commissioned project that I've mentioned a time or two - I finished it.
(which, I also mentioned ;-)
When I received the final payment, it included a generous bonus.
The money I earned from that project
(a memory quilt that I will post - IF I can ever get my old computer to turn on one more time, so I can retrieve my pictures)
combined with some birthday money I was given, specifically to go towards the purchase of a machine,
allowed me to give 2 sewing machines,
plus a sewing class!
(and I still have a bit of money to put towards the next machine :-)

For some reason, 
I have a problem getting to either the post office or the bank.
And when we did our birthday party for Jesus this year,
I still hadn't cashed my checks,
so I still hadn't actually purchased the machines.

I beat myself up about it. again.
What the heck is wrong with me?!
I should have bought those machines a month ago....

I ordered the machines on Christmas day
along with the rest of our gifts to Jesus

I opened a package from Rahab's Rope.
(No clue when it actually arrived - Friday? Saturday??)
In it was a note,
telling me that those sewing machines were given at the prefect time!
They've just opened a new home in Bangalore,
and they have 3 girls there already,
but they had no sewing machine.

In spite of my weird lame quirks and all of my inadequacies, 
God can use me
for His perfect timing.


I just realized I have another 'perfect timing' story regarding this project!

The day I was going to deliver the quilt,
we left it at home.

I'd put it right in front of the door,
so that anyone heading out would have to move it in order to open the door.
I told all of the kids we were bringing the quilt.
I reminded them not to say anything about it, since it was a gift and wouldn't be 'til Christmas, yada yada yada.
And still, we left it at home.
Nobody knows who, 
but somebody just set it aside.

I ranted.
Okay - I yelled.
Due to some unusual circumstances, it was the perfect opportunity to deliver the quilt,
and here we are, such slobs
that we are so used to just moving crap around 
that somebody could move a box away from the door and not even know they did it.
I probably cried, too.

I really needed to go to Walmart, but I also just really had hoped to deliver the quilt.
Plus, I'd already told Veronica I was delivering it,
and I hated being a liar.
I called Tyler and told him to tell me what to do.
He told me I'd feel better if I just went home and got it.
I could just be late getting home after I finished the shopping.
So I headed back home.

As I drove, I noticed that the sky was looking especially colorful.
Soon, I wasn't mad anymore.
And I was racing to get home,
then head back to FSM.
Not as much to deliver the quilt, but to see the sunset.

I got home, grabbed the box, and ran back to the van, and then headed west
(and south. and south west...)
God was putting on a show, let me tell you.
I watched the sky as much as I watched the road.

I have never seen a more beautiful, brilliantly colored sky.

If we hadn't left that package at home,
I would have gone on to the store,
I would have missed the most glorious sunset I've ever seen.

God's timing. 
It's so much better than mine....

(I'd already apologized to the kids for yelling, 
but when they got home, I was sure to let them know I was actually grateful that we'd forgotten the quilt.
And I apologized again...)


  1. We've been talking about God's timing in our family a lot lately. I'm not always great at listening and following His direction or niggling. Glad you wrote this today.

  2. I can name more than one occasion when God used my procrastination/forgetfulness/lameness for His perfect timing. Really, He knows us and He makes beauty from our mess. So awesome about the machines!!!


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