Wednesday, April 6, 2016

block work

No quilt blocks;
the blocks worked on this week
were of the cement variety...

Seven pallets of lightweight block 
were delivered around 3:00 Monday afternoon.

Jesse and his crew had 4 of the pallets unloaded in no time.

They showed up at 8:00 Tuesday morning
and worked a full day,
taking a short break for lunch
and a tiny ice cream break mid afternoon.

The guys were super nice,
patiently answered questions,
taught us a little about block work,
and let the kids and I help a little (on the places that won't show ;-)
(except Bran' - he helped with the real work...)

Jesse said Brandon caught on quick
and was pretty good for a beginner.

We'll have to go back and add the block under the LEM after we move it,
and Brandon feels pretty confident that he and Tyler can do that themselves. :-)

They came back this morning again,
a little before 8 this time,
and finished up before noon.

speaking of garages.... This was snapped right outside of the boy's bedroom - looking into (or rather, under) the garage

front of the house, the mudroom is there on the right :-)

the back porch area - the living room is straight ahead.
(I may end up with a nice little collection of pallets :-)

crawlspace access, under the dining room

Daniel (the concrete guy) comes back
to get the garage ready for concrete on Friday morning.

(Jeremiah wasn't really keen to do any block work;
he was more interested in fishing...)


  1. How exciting! That is so neat that they were patient and let you guys help a bit :)

  2. it is really happening!!! how awesome is that!

  3. How fun that you all got to help a little! Looks exciting!

  4. it IS very exciting!! Thanks for sharing our joy :-)

  5. That's a great progress and it sure is wonderful to be able to help a bit and build one's house with your own hands! Wow! It looks as if you all had fun - building a house and fishing. What a great day!

  6. Wow, how exciting!!! It is fascinating to see how a house goes up in your part of the world. Definite differences! You are off to a great start, and isn't it wonderful that everyone (who wanted to) had a hand in it. :-)


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