Friday, April 29, 2016

sham, shazam

A few days after we gave TJ and Keri their (amazing) quilt,
they decided they'd really like some pillow shams to go with it.

They suggested it would make a really nice anniversary gift.
And it would have,
except that we don't really do anniversary gifts
(with 8 kids, it's best not to start traditions we can't keep...)
so I decided rather than making them wait 'til next Christmas,
it could be T's birthday gift.

So that the crinkling would match the quilt,
(which was quilted as I pieced...)
I ditch stitched all of the vertical seams.

Not surprisingly, the shams took considerably longer to make 
than I'd anticipated, 
so I didn't get them done in time
to get them in the mail to arrive by T's birthday.

It turned out good for him, though;
since they were going to be late, 
I decided to add some hand quilting in the (lovely, mitered ;-) border.

I figured what the hey
and hand stitched the 'hem' on the back, too.

Since Carole told me that a machine sewn hem really is more sturdy,
I decided I should learn to do a machine sewn binding I can be happy with.

I was successful,
but honestly,
it was because the fabric is so well-suited for it.

I'll still do a hand stitched hem most of the time, 
but with a carefully chosen binding,
I suppose
I would be okay with machine sewing it when the quilt demands it.

I hope you like your shams, T (and Keri! ;-)
Love you!!

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  1. This looks so cozy and great! Love the colors and the hand quilting.

  2. You are amazing! These are absolutely lovely. The hand quilting is perfect!

  3. Oh, hey! The binding looks fantastic!!! And, I do love your hand stitched details. I'm sure this mail was happily received when it arrived.


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