Monday, May 2, 2016

4 down; 4 to go

Brandon is a high school graduate now.

(this is where I would have posted a picture of him 
had I thought to even take one.

I'd planned to 'desensitize'
by watching his video / slideshow 
over and over

With the crazy week we had,
that never happened.

I was not at all
and could very easily have sobbed through the whole thing.

Not wanting to be a blubbering mascara-smeared mess
when we went on stage to give him his diploma,
I sucked it up.

We fed about 50 people lunch after the graduation
and I was repeatedly filled with gratitude 
for the room full of people who have loved my son
and poured into his life.
(huge thanks to everyone who pitched in to help,
especially our beloved Montgomerys!)

Brandon - I love you.
I'm proud of you.
I am so happy to have had you home all these years.


  1. OH, gosh, I hope you had lots of tissues handy!

    I'd sure like to see the video but there is a message about the "connection to" being "interrupted while the page was loading". Secure connection failed. Don't know if the problem is at your end, or mine...doesn't matter. Is there a way to link to it instead of embedding it, maybe?

    Regardless, it sounds like you had a wonderful event. Big congrats to Brandon!

  2. :-) I enjoyed seeing your little boy turn into a young man right before my eyes.


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