Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Not long after that, the garage floor was poured,
but I never blogged about it.

I mentioned Thursday that framing began on Wednesday the 27th,
and here's how things looked after the crew went home that day
and the guys finished waterproofing the subfloor:

When they left on Thursday,
we had this:

it rained most of the day, so no framing happened.
Brandon and Tony went out every time it stopped raining
and did their best to get the water off the floor
using first a broom,
homemade squeegees
and a leaf blower.

The crew worked about half a day on Saturday
(maybe a bit more)
and this is what we came home to after Brandon's graduation:

Yesterday was kinda weird.

There seemed to be a lot of loafin' going on,
and for the most part,
any time I looked out,
I never saw more than 2 of the guys working.

Makes me wonder what all they could have accomplished
if they'd really been getting after it.

It was a Monday,
and a pretty gloomy one at that,
so maybe that was it?

And to be fair,
I spent a good chunk of my day with Hadley,
so it's entirely possible
I just looked out at all the wrong times...

Even with all their lollygaggin,
they still got a lot done,
this is what the guys will be starting with
this morning:

How crazy is it
that is the result of 3 1/2 work days?!

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  1. That. Is. Incredible.
    How long will it take to build the entire thing? A week??? Wowza!
    Seriously, though, what an exciting time for your family! :-)


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