Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday's this and thats

Oh y'all!

So much has been happening.

I only thought time was moving fast the past few weeks...

Saturday was TKD testing
and everyone passed.

Brandon tests for his 2nd degree black belt July 23rd!


Sunday was the grand finale for Kid XP
(the Sunday evening program for preschoolers - 5th grade)

They did a skating party.

At the last minute,
Tyler lovingly decided to give me the evening off,
so I got a few hours by myself to recharge.

I had more than enough work to fill the 2 hours,
but I decided to start it off with an actual break.

I took my knitting needles and my little ball of yarn
(which have remained untouched 
since a few days after Family camp
when I finished up my second wash cloth)
and sat out in the sunshine in the hammock
and cast on 22 stiches
and then knit 'til my timer went off 30 minutes later.

It was refreshing.

I cleaned.


Monday we spent a couple of hours 
window and door (and also grocery) shopping.

Then we picked up Tony and Kacy and Hadley
at the airport at 11 o'clock that night :-)

Hadley is the sweetest, easiest baby I've ever seen
and we can't get enough of her.


Tuesday was Tyler's birthday

(we also went door shopping.
Front entry doors are really expensive.
Who knew?!)


and Wednesday
- Wednesday -
the framers got started on the house!!

My dad came down to join us for the occasion
(and quite possibly to oversee the work ;-)
which I thought was really sweet,
and TJ came down late afternoon
and hung out with us 'til midnight.

It was nice to have all of my boys here
for a bit.
(and I was able to give him his birthday present,
albeit a few days late...)

Wednesday was also the day we needed to make our final window decisions,
because the framers 
started putting the walls up today,
and had to know first thing in the morning
what size all rough openings need to be.
(that sounds a whole lot less stressful than it was)

We ordered a porta potty for the workers, too.

They bring their lunch,
so they don't leave the premises all day,
which means, 
short of peeing in the bushes,
they had no means of relieving themselves.


Let's see.

Today Tyler let me sleep in.
(was that just this morning?!)
That extra hour was really nice!
(but I always feel bad when I don't make him breakfast...)

My main priority of the day was to balance checkbooks and pay the bills.
between playing with Hadley,
tending to building business,
and just regular life-type interruptions,
didn't get completed until early afternoon)

It's all done for another month,
and I am grateful Tyler works so hard to provide for our family.

Kacy and I ran to town to pick up a few things
 for our family feast following Brandon's graduation Saturday,
and firmed up our (minimal) decor plans.

We've still got to buy all of the food,
fill balloons with helium
(the ones Kacy picked out are perfect!)
and do lots of food prep,
including making burger buns,
because my brother in law would be so sad
if we didn't have them.

When we got back from shopping,
I made lettuce wraps for (a late) dinner,
(Hadley helped)

While I was making dinner,
the guys and Kacy moved hundreds (maybe thousands) of pounds of lumber
since there's an 80 % chance of rain tomorrow.

Tony and Kacy went on a dessert date,
so I'm babysitting Hadley while I work on this post.

She's sleeping,

I told you she was so easy!!


Tomorrow is dedicated to getting ready for Saturday.
And baby snuggles and smiles...

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  1. Such a busy time. Hadley is adorable - I could almost get clucky again looking at those photos.


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