Monday, May 16, 2016

a going bag

I might have gotten a little carried away with this one.

I mean - it's a simple money holder.

My version of a card


We've known Maddie for all but a few months of her life,
so I think it's fair that her 'card'
was a little more special.

Let's see ~ where do I start?

The front of the bag was based on / inspired by
(what I remember of) a necklace Maddie wears and loves,
and is so totally her.

It's beautiful.
It makes a strong statement,
but it's not at all flashy.
And it goes with pretty much everything.

The bag got a little big 
(probably about 10x8x2?)

because I kept finding fabrics that needed to be included.

That hut! Maddie may live in something (sorta) like that one day....  

I hesitated a few seconds 
before I added the 1 1/2 inch pieced strip 
that was leftover from the label I made for Tyler's quilt
to my little pile of selected scraps.

I couldn't use that for just anyone,
but Maddie was in his class
when Tyler taught Jr High Sunday School a few years back,
and she cemented her special place in his heart,
so I figured she was deserving of a little piece of his quilt, too.

I went with some leftover canvas and a piece of dark gray Kona (pewter, maybe?)
left over from the back of TJ and Keri's quilt
for the back of the bag.

If the front panel is the necklace,
the back 
is how Maddie dresses,
simple. understated.

My choice for the lining
doesn't go quite as well with my outer bag
as what I'd normally choose,
but it was such a perfect choice for Maddie,
that I ignored that minor detail.

the lining could have been the bag,
and Maddie would have been thrilled.

Her heart beats for missions,
and she longs to (literally) go into all the world and share the Gospel.

I wish I could remember where I bought that fabric
so I could get more.
(I've often thought of pinning a note to each piece I purchase,
telling me where I bought it and how much I paid for it) 
I only have a few tiny scraps of it left.

I bought it for Brandon's quilt,
but only used a little of it on the back
(aka second top...)
because it didn't go with the (real) top.
Then I used a strategically cut piece 
and now this.

I installed the zipper like Anna's open wide pouch,
but I've made enough of these
that I didn't have to actually use the tutorial.
(See one here, and a tiny one here
Oh, here are a couple more. And here's one of my favorites :- )

I added hand-stitching 
- well -
I'm me.

Maddie ~ Congratulations on your high school graduation.
I hope you love your card bag
and I hope it goes with you on many adventures
and reminds you that you're loved,
and special
and prayed for.


linking up with scrap star, Amanda Jean :-)


  1. What a beautiful tribute! What a blessing from God she sounds like! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love when a post tells such a sweet story about the finish. This is lovely and all of the special details make it even more so.

  3. Oh that is such a sweet little bag, and what a lovely story behind it :)

  4. This bag is so wonderful and one can tell by the story you shared that it is for someone special! You put so many thoughts into this work - I loved reading this!

  5. Wow, and the laptop computer cover I made for her was red and black with Mickey and Minnie, because Tabi, one of her besties, told me she loves everything Disney. The lining is bright green, cause Tabi said that's her favorite color. Tabi wanted a laptop carrier - said college girls need them - so she got one and then so did Maddie! A ByAnnie pattern with some changes ByConnie! Not nearly so spiritual as yours, but I loved making it for her too --- aren't we quilters quite a bit alike!? Love you!, and yes, that little bag you made her was very special!, pretty much like you!


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