Wednesday, May 6, 2015

coming down the pike

We gave the quilt to Matt and Marin right after the wedding rehearsal.

Needless to say,
they loved it

(Since it's almost time for the Spring Quilt Festival, I'm going to wait and do a full quilt post then.
Don't want to drive everybody nuts with two posts
practically back to back...)

As soon as I knew I was definitely going to finish it time,
and all of my remaining work was hand sewing,
which I do in the evenings,
I got started on my next quilt.
My first QAYG, which is proving to be quite fun!
The knowledge that by the time I have the top together
the quilt will be just about finished
doesn't hurt any either ;-)

sorry - it's a surprise ~ all you get is the back of the batting for now
 the graduation announcements started coming in.
We generally give a bit of cash,
but for the girls,
instead of putting it in a card,
I like to sew up a little pouch of some sort to tuck the $$ in.

It barely costs more than a card, right? ;-)
And it so much more useful.

And fun...

I'm not crazy about how the flap flips up the binding on the back.
I think next time I'll add a bit of length so I can sew it to the pouch just under the binding.

(I was tickled to discover it fits an i-phone (which the recipient happens to have) perfectly)

The pattern calls for fusible fleece,
which I used,
because, you know I am such a  rule follower...

It's a bit pouffy for my taste, so I think for future bags I will just use interfacing.

As soon as I received the next recipient's announcement,
I knew this was the fabric for her
(I hope I was right!)

I liked the binding bit at the top of the Anna pouch,
so used the same technique on my second bag.
I would have used the Anna pattern for it, too,
but I felt like that bike fabric needed plenty of space to shine,
so I just made the bag up as I went.

I used Noodlehead Anna's open wide zipper method to install the zip.
I use it on most of my pouches now,
but I think it works better on a bag without the binding.

I still have one more pouch to make.
The girl's mom told me she loves red and black,
which is just perfect, 'cause I have tons of scraps of both :-)

I'll use this pattern for it, I think.

This week, I've been muslining.
(Yes, that's a verb, why do you ask?)

I plan to take my TNT Lady Skater pattern and change up the bodice a bit (by adding a curved yoke)
for a coral dress with a lace overlay for the next (and I think last) wedding of the season.
(I think I may lengthen the yoke by 1/2 inch or so)
I added a bit of flat piping (which I won't be using for the real dress) for two reasons.
First, my whites weren't exactly the same color, 
and I'm hoping for a wearable muslin,
so I thought breaking them up might be nice
and secondly, I just wanted to try the technique.

I consider myself pretty careful with measurements and seam allowances,
and yet, 
my piping is clearly narrower in some spots.
I guess if I use piping on a for-real it-really-matters project,
I need to be a lot more careful
than my usual care-full-ness.

fabrics for the real dress, purchased in LA :-) :-)

Oh ~ have you heard that Cotton + Steel has a black and white line??
I sure could have used that a few months ago!

As soon as I saw  C+S B&W,
I said to myself, "I hope they did the kitties!"
I love the kitties / tigers,
and have put them in my cart several times, but the colors just don't seem quite right for my needs, 
so I've always passed on them.
When I found myself needing a few more fabric choices for my current quilt
(the one you only get to see the back of for now)
well, I just couldn't help adding a yard of this to my cart, too :-)

Lily is hoping for some scraps.
I told her good luck with that.
But then I felt bad, so I may let her have a piece. 

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  1. I love the black and white kitty fabric! I would slide a yard in my cart too! ;) I thought I recognized Sotak's bag pattern, it's so distinct with the 2-in-1 layout. It turned out beautiful, I'm sure the recipient will love it!

  2. Lovely little pouches - especially like the hand stitching around the top binding. I need to make some of those but I'm so nervous about fiddling with zippers and small pieces...

  3. What a great idea for a graduation gift! I am always trying to figure out unique gifts! I look forward to your "official" post about the wedding quilt.

  4. thanks, ya'll :-)
    Ann, don't be afraid of the zipper! They really aren't as tricky as we talk ourselves into believing that they are! In fact, when I helped my daughter in law learn to sew, her very first project was Noddlehead's open wide zipper pouch.
    I *do* like the Anna bag, and her instructions are great, but I'll admit it's a bit fiddly and takes a lot more time than a simple zipper pouch, so I probably wouldn't start zip-bag-making with it. (the zipper and binding part wasn't fiddly, but the 2 pouches in one was a tad tricky, as were all those tucks in the corners because they are all sewn separately before you put the pouch together)
    If I remember correctly, Anna (Noodlehead) doesn't have you interface your fabric (or maybe we just forgot to buy some?) but I do recommend using interfacing, as your bag won't stand up nicely without it, unless you use a sturdier fabric.

  5. Your quilt is so beautiful Tracy - I'm really looking forward to reading about it in a week or so with your festival post. Hoping to have my current quilt done in time to share too.

  6. LOVE this quilt!! (But you already knew that.) I'm curious about the big date I see on the back. Was that part of your label? How did you do that? Could include a close up (ish) of that on your festival post? (Good thing I'm not demanding, right?) Also, love the little pouches. So much more personal that just a card.

  7. Lovely projects! That quilt is stunning, and I really like the pouches you made. Lucky peoples receiving those.


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