Wednesday, May 27, 2015

kitchen help needed

We've been working with a draftsman on our house plans.

(This is really going to happen!!!:-)

He doesn't like my kitchen set up.
I don't like his.

if you have a stovetop (or full range) that is not placed along a wall,
I need your help

Tell me,
do you love it?
hate it?
like it, but...?


How often do you cook?

Is this non-wall stove in an island in the middle of your kitchen?
or is it against a bar counter in an open floor plan,
so that when cooking you face the dining or living room?

thanks a bunch!


  1. I don't have an island stovetop, but my brother/sister-in-law do... and I have to admit that I hate it. I know, such strong words, but it was simply not a very well thought through kitchen in my opinion. I think a lot has to do with placement of other appliances and the sink. In thier kitchen, it's not a very time efficient set-up. When the work flow set-up has been well thought through, then it could work.(i.e. where is the fridge in relation to the stove, the counter prep space, how far away is the dishwasher, do you have to walk to the other side of the island to get things, etc.)

  2. My kitchen is the classic triangle arrangement, with the sink on the outside wall but the stove on the opposite bar facing into the great room. I love it this way because so often we are cooking/simmering/canning and the kids are in the great room and I still feel a part of the action without having to look over my shoulder the whole time while I stir the pot! You spend just spurts of time at the sink, but you spend lengths of time at the stove so you want to be facing what you love when you are there.

    Also, I like the stove being part of the bar area because these days I so often will look something up on the ipad or laptop for reference and then prop it up nearby so I can read it as I go, and with the wide bar arrangement we have more room around the stove for that type of thing.

    It is exciting times at your house!! I'm so jealous of planning a kitchen from scratch!!!


  3. Our house in FSM had an island stove in the middle. HATED it.
    The island needed to serve as the island not the cook top AND island. It was difficult to serve from and in the way. We eventually ended up breaking the glass top TWICE.


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