Tuesday, May 26, 2015

to Philly (and Delaware) and back

Tyler and I took a quick trip to Wilmington (Delaware) over the weekend for a niece's wedding.

We arrived in Philadelphia at 10 pm on Saturday night,
and got back home, to a clean house,
(where we'd left 4 kids in Brandon's care!)
almost exactly 48 hrs later.

(People tend to freak out a little when you tell them your 16 yr old boy is in charge.
But Brandon's not your typical 16 yr old.....)

We really didn't intend to get to spend any time with Scott and Jackie or Brittany
(and we didn't get to spend much with Brit (the bride)
but we ended up spending several hours with S&J
and some of their good friends (Dee and Scot)
and Scott's mom and aunt.
Lots (and lots) of laughs!!
(but not a lot of sleep... ;-)

It was nice to get away a bit,
and spend time with friends (old and new)
and to witness (another) beautiful couple begin their lives together.

Brandon, thanks for holding down the fort and feeding the troops.
and running off the coyote...
Love you so much!

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