Friday, May 15, 2015

two in one, another zip pouch

Another winning pattern from Svetlana, the two in one pouch,
with a few little changes.

I added a key ring and a detachable wristlet strap.
(note to self - the tab only needs to be 1 - 1 1/4")

I was quite tickled with how I worked out the strap
(after pressing both sides to the center, then in half,
I threaded the strap through my swivel hook.
I then opened the ends of the strip, and joined them as I would quilt binding,
resulting in no bulk :-)
Topstitching was the final step)

It occurs to me now that there may not be anything special about that method,
but at 11:30 at night when I was sewing it up,
I was feeling pretty clever ;-)

I switched out the velcro for snaps
and used regular interfacing instead of the recommended fusible fleece.
(probably could have shortened the closure tab a bit as a result)

This makes 3 down;
1 to go
(yep, got another announcement)

I'm thinking I may need to order some more zippers ;-)


  1. See this is why you are so wonderful at this! The pattern I would probably never even think to put together! You're so awesome!! I love you! -Kacy


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