Tuesday, May 12, 2015

hit the road

Tyler called me mid-morning and strongly suggested
that I take the kids on a walk
because it was so beautiful out.

It is not overly, shall we say - refreshing - to walk with lots of children
circling around me on their bikes
so I wasn't terribly keen to take him up on his suggestion.

he usually knows what is best for me,
so after about an hour
I gave in.

I sent him the first two photos as we set off.

"Happy now?" 
I asked.

(Then I realized Jack was with us, and we had to bring him back home.)

The sun was shining.

It was warm, 
but not hot.

There was a slight breeze.

The unmistakable scent of honeysuckles filled the air.

They are more fragrant this year than usual, I think.

Even the privet smelled lovely.
(I don't recall the privet blossoms smelling nice.
Have I forgotten?
Or have I never smelled them? 
That doesn't seem likely - I sniff everything.

Even the dandelions were pretty.

It's good that I listen to my man.
(Thanks, Love, for making me take a walk.)

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