Wednesday, May 27, 2015

two good days

Many of you know I've been on a quest for quite some time.
To lose fat, yes,
but more importantly,
to just be healthy.
To feel good, 
no - great -
most of the time.

I had two days recently
(May 4th and 5th)
where I felt great.
Truly great,
for the first time in 
well, let's leave it at 
a really long time.

I thought I had reached a turning point.
That all of my efforts over the past few years were finally paying off!

And then Wednesday (the 6th) came,
and I was back to my usual self,
(only maybe a bit worse even than usual)

I tried to remember everything I'd done the previous 2 days
and duplicate it,
to no avail.

I don't know why I had those 2 days,
but I'm so grateful that I did!
It was nice to experience how it felt to really feel good,
and it gives me hope that I can feel great 

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