Friday, December 12, 2014

fun finish

So, as you know,
I finished the twin quilts
All commissioned work.
Which I am very glad for
(very glad indeed!!)
(there is always a but with me ;-)
as much as I like being able to sew for sewing machines,
there is additional pressure
and less creative freedom
that comes with such sewing.

I was feeling the need to create 
just to create.

But this time of year doesn't really afford creating just to create,
so I doubled up my creating with a gift need.

We've never done a gift exchange in conjunction with the Elders' Dinner before,
but this year, 
they added one to the agenda.
The gift is supposed to be a coffee cup
with a gift inside of it

Because I don't always follow the rules exactly
(but I do like to know what the rules are, so I can know how much I want to break them ;-)
my cup is going in my gift,
instead of my gift in my cup.
'cause there is no way I was going to wrinkle this beautiful baby
by shoving it in a coffee cup. 

(I wasn't 100% positive of my choice to use the dark blue for the zipper tab, but after I purchased my cup,
I was like - oh yeah - perfect call :-)
I love when things go together like that.)

And I love that this project was made entirely of scraps!

The smallest scrap was less than 1 ".
I normally wouldn't save such tiny pieces, 
but it was California Dreamin', so you know it was destined for something.
That something turned out to be a tiny set of leaves 
on the stem of a happy daisy.

I sorta want to keep this gift....

linking up with Amanda Jean

Amanda posed a question yesterday regarding making gifts for people - I'll answer here.
When I make something for someone, I totally tailor it to their tastes,
leaving my personal tastes and preferences out of the equation.
Since I didn't know who would end up with this particular gift ~ I just made something I would like,
which, I think, is what made this little project extra fun.

p.p.s I used Anna's open wide pouch tutorial when installing the zipper ~ thanks, Anna!


  1. What a cute little bag, just perfect for the coffee cup! I'm sure whoever receives it will love it.

  2. I did the same thing yesterday. Custom quilt after custom quilt has me stressed out so yesterday I grabbed a pretty little scrap and made a balloon with black string, added some grass and felt happy with a simple finish. Great gift you've made!

  3. That is a nifty, creative bag! Someone's going to be very happy. I hear ya about commissioned quilting - just finished one and it took way more time than I wanted. I've also realized that to survive the season all my Christmas sewing has to be done by Nov 1st. Thanks for sharing.

  4. yep, custom work doesn't quite fill the need to create, but your cup and pouch is ADORABLE!!!!!!xoxox0


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