Wednesday, December 3, 2014

this and that

Jeremiah's birthday was yesterday (11!)
and he'd requested toast (from homemade bread) for breakfast,
so Monday evening found me dragging out the grain mill.

It'd been so long since I've made bread, that I actually had to think about my measurements.
When it was time to shape it into loaves though,
and I felt that familiar perfectly kneaded squish under my hands
 I thought,
"now, this, I remember."

Feeding my family was simpler when we ate bread...


We usually get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving,
but we didn't this year.

Jeremiah always talks about how lucky he is to get to unwrap his birthday presents
under the lights of the Christmas tree,
so waiting to get one 
wasn't an option.
Especially since he wasn't going to have any of his big kids here to celebrate his birthday...

We choose a Frasier Fir this year
and it smells sooo nice!


I threw some pillows and covers on the floor by the tree 
and added a crate of Christmas books
to make a cozy reading corner for the kids.
Tyler said, "Oh. you're making a bed for the dogs."
oh poop. 
Hadn't thought about my cozy corner inviting them, too.
"No. I'm making a reading corner for the kids!"
I very lovingly responded.

Here's the text I sent Tyler the next morning:

Darn dog.

Speaking of Jack,
he continues to be a zero value commodity.
We're thinking of buying him a shock collar for Christmas.
Maybe one prone to malfunctioning.... 


We received an invitation last night
to go on a triple date to the Symphony on Saturday.
Which means - I need to make  something sorta fancy


  1. happy birthday Jeremiah!! I hope your special day was wonderful!! and...that looks like a very comfy doggie bed! hehe

  2. We had an air mattress set up for Corban in our office over Thanksgiving while my sis and her husband were occupying his bedroom. Our old dog Monty discovered it and claimed it as his own bed. Dogs are funny like that!

    ps. Your bread looks beautiful. :)


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