Monday, August 17, 2015

petite zip pouch

When I get change at a store,
I just toss the coins in my purse.

Since we save coins for the Anniversary Fund,
I rarely use them,
but every once in awhile,
when my purse is already heavy,
and the 'cents' part is closer to a dime than a dollar,
I'll decide to use some change.

When that happens,
I have to move the big stuff in my purse aside,
to grab a handful of coins (and bits of trash).
I always think, 'I need to make a coin purse.'
But then I don't.

But Friday, after I finished curriculum shopping,
and filled out the forms,
and turned them in,
That changed.
(haha - changed)

One of the reasons I don't make pouches/bags for myself,
is I tend to overthink it.
I think I have to have The Perfect Fabrics For ALL Time.
And  there's too much pressure.
This time I just told myself to pick fabric I like. 

Well, goodness.
There are lots of fabrics I like!
Without the need for it to be my favorite
last forever and be positively perfect in every way,
I could just.make.a.pouch for myself.
Who knew?!

(All fabrics were scraps from other projects, 
including the zipper, which came from this)
(holy cow! that was over 5 years ago!)


  1. Oh, I love everything about this little pouch! The hand stitched detail is just right.
    It's also comforting to know that other people have to release the perfection mentality. It's something I often struggle with. (It really immobilizes my creativity if I let it!) I often remind myself that things are "better done than perfect". (For the record, your little pouch is both done AND perfect!)
    Anniversary change is a neat idea. Do you spend it every year, or will you save up for the next "big" one?
    P.S. How are the chickens? Did you catch the culprit?

  2. This is such a cute little pouch, fun colors, the hand stitches are a beautiful addition. Well done!!

  3. I love it and those fabrics are perfect! The bike print is so cute and perfectly matches the California Dreaming olive green. Isn't it wonderful when you can pull scraps together and make something both very cute and useful! The hand stitching looks great too. They would make lovely Christmas gifts.


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