Saturday, August 8, 2015

28 years

28 years.

That's how long we've been married - 28 years!

and yet, 
 at the same time.

Weird how that works.

If you were to ask me for marriage advice,
I would answer you with two words.
(but then I might elaborate ;-)



The kids had TKD testing today
(they all passed :-)
so it made a weekend getaway a bit tricky.

Tyler decided to take off  from work Wednesday and Thursday
(he already had Friday off as a flex day)
and we rented a little condo on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs.

I do love having my man all to myself.

We spent two sweltering great days together,
got massages,
and relaxed in the refreshing cool (not) 4,000 yr old mineral waters.


Happy Anniversary, Love.
Thanks for picking me
out of all the women in the world.
I adore you.


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