Friday, August 14, 2015

out of sorts

I've been feeling discombobulated and more out of sorts than usual
for several days now.

It could be the lack of sewing.
Or the fact that Intent to Homeschool forms are due today,
and I only just yesterday 
finally forced myself to sit down with the catalogs and computer.
(I've been in denial.)
Or that my cycle is whacked.
Or that summer is waning.
Or that my weight just won't budge,
no matter what I do.
Or that this house is a wreck,
and even when we get it reasonably clean,
it looks like pooh.
Or that, 6th graders move from the children's program to the 'youth'.
and I have a 6th grader.
(who is, for the record, still a baby,
and is definitely not ready to be in a youth group of any sort)
Or that I have a Senior again.
Or that my birthday is just around the corner,
but I don't want to get old.

I can't do anything about most of those things,
but I can finish ordering curriculum,
and fill out and turn in the form
so I can sew.

Maybe that will help...


  1. Sometimes it's hard to face certain tasks...and easy to feel everything else pulling you down. Blah. Some days are just like that. I hope you got "unstuck" and were able to pull yourself back up again.

  2. Don't get old, but do go ahead and keep adding birthdays - it's much better than the alternative. As a 40something, I hear you about the weight! And the cycle thing. It's so unfair. It just really stinks. I recently saw a book about aging the French way and I think I just might look into it. Americans don't know how to do it anymore. We're supposed to stay Forever 21. Especially as women. Whose crazy idea was that?!

    And I hear you about the rest, too! Homeschooling is about a week away - yikes! My house needs major decluttering. Actually, it needs a diet even worse than I do. So hugs from another mama who understands. Keep finding the good around you, though. It's there. :) and, yes, sewing usually helps. If it's fun sewing!


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