Sunday, August 16, 2015

silly girls sewing

The girls had a birthday party to go to on Saturday.

Their friend likes art,
so we bought a pack of 36 watercolor pencils
and 3 different sizes of watercolor paper pads.

we decided we should make a little bag to hold her pencils.
Of course....

June's favorite color is blue,
so I dug through my blue fabrics
and found one that I thought would be super.
It was mostly blue,
with some red/pink
and sorta abstract watercolor-y looking.

Lexi said it was the exact fabric she had in mind,
so I guess it was a good choice.

I cut 2 rectangles
sandwiched them with a  batting scrap,
and the girls had their first go at the sewing machine!

Taking turns,
we randomly quilted straight and diagonal lines
all over our sandwich,
then I attached the zipper,
drew lines for them to sew along for the side seams,
and let each girl sew one side of the bag.

Lily was pretty cautious,
wanting me to operate the foot pedal for her,
but Lex' wanted to do it all.
and go faster.
(Since I'd done the foot pedal for Lil', though, I went ahead and did it for Lexi, too.
Gotta keep things even, you know)

They had a great time making a gift for their friend,
and at the party,

(refer back to the top photo - note Lexi's hair....crazy girl.)

but now they want more sewing lessons.....


  1. I can't believe they are growing up so fast! I lOVE Lily's dress too!! Love and miss you mama!

  2. You did it!! The girls looked right at home at the sewing machine. You picked the perfect project - and I like how they shared the task. Smart Momma!

  3. That's wonderful - sharing a skill and a passion.

  4. I love sewing with my girls. Even though it's starting to cut into my own time since they need so much help! But tis worthwhile. :) cute photos of your little gifting sewists!


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