Thursday, April 7, 2016

this and that on another Thursday

I put myself on a new supplement protocol this week;
I hope to report fantastic things in the near future.

At the moment,
I seem to be coming down 
with the little bug that Tyler had a few days ago.

I'm popping essential oil pills every few hours to combat it.
(2 drops of Purify and 2 drops of Immune something or other from Ananda)


I've been going through pictures for Brandon's graduation video.

I didn't even bother with telling myself I'd organize them 
before the next kid graduates....

I've gone through all printed photos
(which go through Jeremiah's birth)
now I have to move on to the digital ones.

I'd really like to get them all gathered by Sunday,
which will give us 6 days to turn them into a proper slideshow.

Seems reasonable.


I looked at the pictures
a little differently than I may have
the other 3 times I've done this,
and what I saw
(besides the fact that I take crappy pictures
and had some awful hair at times)
was that our kids had a great, full childhood.
They were happy and loved.

Most of the pictures are just life
- nothing fancy -
definitely no 'Pinterest moments'
just a family 
living life.
And it was good.


My iron is dying.
I know...

I've actually had problems with it since it was just a few weeks old,
but it's gotten much worse in the past couple weeks.

Which is kinda funny, 
since I haven't even been sewing,
so it's only being used about 10 minutes
5 nights a week.


I have to clean off my sewing desk.
it's so piled high with junk
and 'in progress' work
 let's be honest, 
stuff that needs repairing 
that it will likely never get,
that there's no room for me to sew
even if I had the time or inclination to.

I can't put it off any longer.


I decided one cup of coffee a day
wasn't hurting me none.

Coffee stays.


I won't put it off any longer...

I'm off to get my shovel


  1. One coffee a day is fine. I think most people have a life that isn't Pinterest moments, and if they are they are probably so posed and unreal, no one has had any fun.

  2. It's amazing how we view the past through the lens of wisdom. Life well lived. Love it.


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