Friday, May 29, 2009

are they planning a coup?

I think they may be trying to takeover some of my jobs.
It seemed so innocent.
"How about you teach me how to hand sew the bindings?"
Brandon asked.
"But I like to do the bindings!"
I protested.
"But I have a lot more time than you
so I could do it for you."
He has a point.
we started with a pot holder

cut, quilted and bound
by Brandon!
(I helped just a bit by machine sewing the binding on the first side)
Of course
it would never do to have both sides the same.
Jeremiah began telling me how easy it was to sew.
He'd watched me at naptime.
"All you do is move the needle in and out."
Um - there's a heck of a lot more to it than that...

He whipped out a make-up bag
as a graduation gift for someone special
so she can use it when she goes on vacation.
I drew a line on both sides of the fabric to show
where the needle should go.
I never thought to do this when the others
were learning to sew
but it sure was helpful!
We also made up a little ditty to help them remember
to not go around the fabric.
Up down up down
do not go a-round
up down up down
keep it on the line
(sad - I know..)
Not one to miss out on anything,
decided to make a little wallet
because his stuff sack doesn't have any pockets.
That boy can sew pretty quickly!
Brandon helped him with the snaps.
We do love our snap press!
There's a whole counter full sitting here....

I guess they aren't going to take over entirely

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