Thursday, May 28, 2009

rare gift

Our little Lexi is a night owl.
bedtime is around midnight
give or take an hour
but it wasn't long ago
that it was 2 am.
For about 3 weeks straight.
during that 3 week stretch
we visited with some friends who had just met Lexi.
We'd mentioned her keeping late hours....
One of my friends asked me, "Are you enjoying her?"
to which I, of course, responded, "Yep!" and smooched her neck
(Lexi's - not my friend's - gross)
and she added,
"Except at 2 in the morning..."
even at 2 in the morning
I have thoroughly enjoyed you!
Sometimes, especially at 2 in the morning.
I was laying on my bed just enjoying my girl this evening
and remembering a night
not terribly long ago
that Lana and I had talked until the wee hours of the morning
and then fell asleep holding hands
(Papa was in sleeping with the boys)
when I realized
what a truly rare gift I had been given.
Not many mommas have given away a daughter
and then birthed another.
Everyone says it, "They grow up so fast."
I have lived it.
I know.
Thank you, Lord
for all the hours I get to spend with this precious girl
all the hours I got to spend with her big sis.

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  1. oh shoot, now you got me crying :)
    love you momma! (miss the late night talks with you..)


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