Wednesday, May 27, 2009

basted and ready to go

After multiple trips to both Hobby Lobby
and Hancock
and redesigning Jeremiah's quilt
it's ready for the quilting.
He wants straight lines
so I'm just going to do a simple 'X' on each block.
Should go pretty quickly.
(colors aren't right at all in this picture)
I still don't have a good method for basting.
the method is fine
I just don't have a good spot for it.
I can't make anything bigger than a throw size
while living here
'cause there is no floor space big enough to lay it out.
Tonight I tried the living room; I had to move the rocking recliner
but I had a bit more space than when I've used the kitchen.
it's barely big enough to get around to pin it.
I only caught the carpet 7 times.
Definitely better than having to mop the kitchen :-)
I have to decide
will I be good and go to bed?
or will I pull out the machine???

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  1. wohoo, just saw you won the smockity frocks purse :) cool!


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